ZenDesk Integration with PandaDoc

Focus: The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to how to install and use the Zendesk integration with PandaDoc.

What does this integration do? Once installed, you will be able to create, send and track renewals, proposals and contracts from within Zendesk. You can start the PandaDoc document process from Tickets and Users in Zendesk.

Before you get started, however, please make sure that you have a PandaDoc account (Don’t have one yet? Start 14-day free trial!).

Please note:  You can setup also use Custom Fields from Zendesk and Setup Roles in order to autofill First and Last Name, Email address and Company.

Step 1-A: Finding PandaDoc to install to Zendesk. Log into your Zendesk account, click on the “Settings” icon, click on “Marketplace” and then Search for PandaDoc. Once found, click on PandaDoc to install.

ZenDesk - Settings - Marketplace - PandaDocStep 1-B: Installing PandaDoc to Zendesk. Next, be sure to read the “Overview” and “instructions” for the PandaDoc module. When ready, click on the “Install App” button.

ZenDesk - Settings - Marketplace - PandaDoc - Install

Step 2: Login into PandaDoc  To Access the PandaDoc Panel, open any ticket or contact in Zendesk. If you see a screen like this, please click “Connect” and login into your PandaDoc account.


Once your connected, you will see a list of related documents to the Zendesk “User or ticket”.


Step 3:  Setup your tokens to pre-populate your documents with deal data.  Tokens are very helpful time savers that will auto-fill information from a deal or organization record into a document. Learn more about tokens here. To view all of the available data that you can push from a deal or an organization record via tokens to a document, click on the gear icon -> “Tokens” tab.


Let’s say you want to pre-populate your standard proposal template with the following data from a Zendesk ticket or contact: client information (first and last name, company name) and order number (a custom field).


To do so, first go to PandaDoc and open your template. Then copy and paste token IDs from the PandaDoc panel within Zendesk into your template. The most important thing is to place them into square brackets. This is what differentiates them from regular text.

From now on every document that you create from a deal within Zendesk — using this template — will be prefilled with the first, last and email address.

Step 4: Using Zendesk “Role” field to connect with PandaDoc “Roles” to auto populate recipients information.  Would you like to make it simple to auto populate your recipients  first name, last name, email address and Company information. We can do this with Roles.

Step 4-A: Verifying Role used in Zendesk. Shown below is a user record. You will see a Role and it has a value of “Agent”. This will depend on the setup you have for your account. The value of “Agent” is what we need to connect Zendesk to PandaDoc


Step 4-B: Adding a Role to PandaDoc template. Now, inside of PandaDoc, we have created a template and setup a Role called “Agent”. Click here for more details about PandaDoc Roles. When you add a Role in PandaDoc, four (4) tokens will also be created to auto fill data from Zendesk to PandaDoc. Click here to learn more about PandaDoc tokens.

Step 4-C: Creating a document from Zendesk and assigning Roles to the recipient. In this example, we will be creating a document from a user record in Zendesk. Click on “Create a new Document”.


Step 4-D: Choosing your template.   Next, choose your PandaDoc template that you have created.


Step 4-E:  “Assigning recipient to the PandaDoc role”.  Here  you will see the role “Agent”, you want to match this up with the user from Zendesk. Click “Next” when ready


Step 4-F: PandaDoc documents, tokens have been filled in per the “role” setup.  Now, the document will be processed and any tokens that you have used as we discussed in Step 5-B will be filled in automatically.

Step 5: Creating a new document.  Now, since you have created your templates in PandaDoc, you can now create documents from within Zendesk. Open a ticket or a user and then click on “Create a New Document”.


Step 6: Changing PandaDoc integration settings and uninstalling.   If you ever need to change any of your settings for this integration or to uninstall it. Go to Zendesk Settings > Manage Apps > Find PandaDoc and then use the “gear icon” to go into Settings or Uninstall.


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