What is the Upload field and how can I use it?

Fields can be used for documents and templates. In this help article we will be using them for a document. Fields can also be resized to provide a larger or smaller field.

What is a Upload field?:  Upload — With the Upload field, this can be added to your document, if you need to have your recipients “upload/attach” a file to the document.  A good example of this if you need your recipients to upload additional files to complete a document. CC authorization forms, address forms, etc…

Upload field size: When recipients are adding files, we have a limitation up to 50MB in size.

Who can access uploaded files: uploaded files will be accessible to PandaDoc users who have access to the document. This includes the sender and any admins or managers in your account

Step 1: Uploading a document and selecting a Upload field. Upload a document, select “Fields” on the right. Select and hold down your mouse on the Upload field and place it on the document.

Step 2: Upload field options Includes a “Title” option, “required” option, assign to recipient and help text. Help text is a good idea to add to provide instructions to your clients on how or which file to upload.

Step 3: Removing Upload field. If you ever need to remove this field, use the red “remove” link found in options.

Step 4: Downloading the file from the recipient Once the document has been completed and file uploaded. You can open the document, then find the “Upload” filed and you will see the file name. Click on the file name to download the document.

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