What are document versions?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about PandaDoc document “Versions”.

What are document Versions?: Versions are a way to keep track of multiple variations of the document. When you “edit” and/or upload a new document. You can download the old version to be used again.

Please note: For this self-help document we will be explaining versions while “uploading a new document” and using the document builder. Versions can only be used if you have edited the document. Shown below is the steps to edit and view versions for documents that have been “uploaded”.

Step 1:  Open an existing document, click on “Edit” on the right. You will see options for “Rearrange Fields” or “Upload a new Source file”.

Step 2: Using Versions. Once you have the finished rearranging the fields or updating the document, click on “More…”, then “Versions. You will now see that you can download the new version to PDF or you can download the first version of the document to a PDF file.


Shown below is for document that were built using the “document builder”.

You will see the same options for Versions. Click on “More” on the right, then click on “Versions”. Here you will see the different versions of the document you have created. At any time, you can download this to a PDF version.

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