What are Content Library comments and how can I use them?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information on how to use Content Library Comments.

What is the Content Library?: This is available for the Business and Enterprise plans. The content library or library can be used to create content for a document or template that can be used again and again. Content can consists blocks and fields that can be used with PandaDoc.

What are content library comments?: Content Library comments are a way to communicate with your internal team members while working on a content library item. For example, you want to notify a team member that you need to review the template or provide general instructions on how to use this template.

Step 1:  Open a content library item  Click on Content Library on the left and then click on your content library name.

Step 2: Using Comments  Found over on the right, click on “Comments”. Here you will see the ability to use the comments at the bottom.  You can use the “@” symbol to tag a team member to notify them that they need to review the content library item. Tagging a team member does not mean it is a private comment directly to them.

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