Using the Signature field, what options does PandaDoc offer to sign the document?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information on how you and/or your contacts/recipients can use PandaDoc to sign the document.

Please note:  When signing a document, PandaDoc offers three (3) ways in order to add a signature to “sign” the document. They are, “Draw”, “Type” or “Upload”.

Step 1:  Create the document and send it out. Go through the process of creating the document, add a signature block and assign your contact/recipient. Click “Send”.

Step 2-A: Recipient reviews the document and ready to sign.  When you or your client gets to the “Signature” field, they will have three options. First is Draw. Using their mouse, they can “Draw’ their signature.

Step 2-B: Signing by verifying name and choosing one of the styles.  With the “type” option, you or your recipient can add the name (if not already added) and choose one of the six formatting styles.

Step 2-C: Signing by uploading a signature. With this option,  a signature can be uploaded  from a computer  to be added for the signature. Click on the green button “Select Image”, choose the file from their computer and click “Open” or “Ok”. JPG, PNG, GIF images files can be uploaded. For best fit, we recommend an image that is 210(h) X 125(w) pixels in size, however other file sizes will work as well as the system will process the image for the best fit for signature block.

Once it has been chosen the method to sign the document, all that needs to be done, is to click on “Accept and Sign”.

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