How to use multiple workspaces for your PandaDoc account

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about PandaDoc “work spaces”

What is a PandaDoc WorkSpace?: Workspaces is only available for the Enterprise plans. A Workspace is a place where a specific group of people can work on documents together. A Workspace is an isolated working environment and only its members have an access to documents and other information within a work space. It’s a great way to separate different teams, divisions or parts of your organization. One person can be added to multiple work spaces with different permission roles.

Please note: In PandaDoc, you can have multiple workspaces. Please remember, each Work space is unique and it’s own environment. They will have unique Dashboard, Documents, Templates, Catalog items, Contacts. Only the “Owner” of the account can create workspaces.

Step 1: Access Workspaces. On the left, click on Settings, then Workspaces

Step 2: Add a new Workspace Click on the green button “Create a new workspace”. Then provide a name

Step 3: Change name of existing workspace. At any time you can modify the name of the workspace by clicking on “Change name”. This will show to your team members, when they switch workspaces.

Step 4: Setup the workspace. When you are ready, you can click on the links to setup the workspace, including the links for “Team”, “Integrations” and Branding”.

Branding – Workspace icon– If you would like to setup an icon that will show for your workspace. You can do this from Settings > Branding.

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