What is the TextField Field and how can I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about the PandaDoc “Textfield” Field and how it can be used in documents and templates.

Please note:  Fields can be used for documents and templates. In this help article we will be using them for a document. Fields can also be resized to provide a larger or smaller field.

Using PandaDoc Editor and “fields”: If you are planning on using fields for the templates and documents you create via the PandaDoc Editor. Fields must be added into “Content Blocks”. Please view this link for more details.

What is a TextField field?: With fields, We make things easy! With the TextField field, this can be used to provide instruction to your recipient or have your client add a bunch of text to the document. This field can also be enabled to “required”. Example, “Please add your address details”. Then using this field, our recipient of the document can fill out this field.

Clickable hyperlinks: If you use the textfield and your recipients completes with a valid web address, i.e. “www.pandadoc.com”, this will become an active link in the field also, the purpose of hyperlinks in fields is so that you can include hyperlinks on static forms (not just to receive a clickable link from a recipient).

Step 1: Uploading a document and selecting a Textfield field. Upload a document, select “Field” on the right. Select and hold down your mouse on the TextField Field and place it on the document.

Step 2: TextField field options  For this field, it includes “Title”, this will be shown in the field. Example: (Enter in your notes here). This text be shown in the field that is added to the document. Also included is a “required” option.   You will also see an option for “multi-line text” option that you can enable to setup your fields to allows multiple lines of text. Select your recipient and click Apply.

Step 3: Removing Textfield field. If you ever need to remove this field, use the red  “remove” link found in options.

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