What are template Roles and how can I use them when I use the PandaDoc Document Builder?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about PandaDoc template “Roles” and how to use them when you create a template using the PandaDoc Document Builder.

What is a template “Role”?:  When using the PandaDoc Document Builder, Roles can be used to automatically create five “tokens”. Click here for more information about tokens.

Roles are added to templates to help predefine the fields and to autofill tokens when you use a template for a document. So, if you set up a role called “Signer”, all that you have to do is assign a recipient to that role when you turn this template into a document. The system will know that this recipient will have to go through all of those fields. Roles can be assigned to any field except for the “Text” field.

Please note: If you are adding more than two roles, you can setup the “Sign In” order. Click here for more info.

Step 1:  Adding roles. Roles can be added to a template by opening the template and clicking on “Roles” on the right.

Step 2: Role Settings  If you click on the Role name, you can also change the name of the Role created and Auto Assign recipients to Template Roles: Pre-Assign to a recipient, yourself or the document sender.  Here you will see an option to assign the Role to a specific person or to the Sender of the document.  When you create a new document from this template, the person will automatically be assigned to that Role.

Step 3: Adding fields and selecting the role.  Add a field to the document, you will notice on the upper right, you have to select a recipient, select the role that you have created.

Step 4: Using tokens if you added Roles. If you have Set a “Role” show in Step 1-A, tokens are automatically created. Go to “Tokens” you will see the five tokens that have been automatically created.  Click each token to copy it and then go into the block and use “CTRL-V” to paste it into the block. Click here for more information about “Tokens”.

Step 5: Using the template and selecting a recipient to the role. Once are ready to use the template for a document to send, click on “Create Doc”.

Next, add a recipient to the role. When you have done this, all fields that you have setup for this role, your recipient will have to view and/or fill out those fields.

Now, you are ready to send the document!

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