What is the Table content block and how do I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about the PandaDoc Editor content block “Table”

What is the Table Block?: The Table block is used when you want to create a table inside of your PandaDoc document or template.

Step 1: Create a document/template. Click on “New Document/New Template” on the upper right and then click on “Create a Doc”/”Create a template”.

Step 2: Adding the content block. Over on the right, click and drag the Table block over and then you can add your text.

To add other blocks, simple drag and drop them.

Step 3: Table Content Block Layout Options. With the Table block, there are also other layout options that you can use. Including “Show headers”, “Vertical and Horizontal Boarders”. You will also see Column alignments, “left”, “center”, “right”. Be sure to play around with them.

Step 4: Adding more Rows, Columns and Sections to the table. At any time, you can use the buttons “+ Add Column” ,“ +Add Row” “+ Add Section”  to increase the size of the table.

Example of Tables:

Step 5: Advanced CSS: The CSS Classes option can be found by clicking into a block and then clicking Advanced on the block settings panel. So, if we add the CSS Class of “user-customclass” below, it allows you to target a specific element on the page with that class in our CSS editor.
Please Note: This is advanced stuff and assumes you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Proceed with caution. You can add multiple CSS classes separated by a space.

When class is added and CSS is updated with class:
.user-customclass {color: red;}

“Hello World” becomes “Hello World


Step 6:  Adding other content.  Once you have the Table content added, be sure to look at the other Content blocks for the PandaDoc Editor.

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