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Availability: all plans

What does this Integration do? This integration will allow you to setup a “payment” content block for your recipients to pay directly through via a Credit Card or an ACH Payment and your PandaDoc document. This can be setup on the document and template level, using the PandaDoc editor.  You can only have one (1) payment block added, per template/document.

What is an ACH Payment? — Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches. ACH credit transfers include direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments. ACH Payment Availability.

Payment Description name in When the payment has been accepted in Stripe, it will have the name of the PandaDoc Document for the title of the Description for payment.

Why does my customer see a $1 charge when their payment failed?  Please see more details from Stripe Support about this here.

Minimum Amount: In order to use this integration, you must have at least .50 cents or more to use the integration with our PandaDoc Pricing tables.

How to use Stripe Integration in multiple workspaces? For PandaDoc Enterprise plans, you have the ability create multiple workspaces. To enable the Stripe integration across multiple workspaces, you will need to have separate Stripe accounts for each workspace.

Please note: you can set a default currency in your PandaDoc Settings. Click here for more information for about default currency.

Step 1-A: Enable access for Stripe integration.  Once you have enabled the integration in the Add-on Store… Go to Settings > Payments > Find Click on the integration to enable.

Step 1-B: Next, click on “Connect Stripe”

Step 1-C: Setup of your account. Here you can login or you can sign up for a new account. Either login or complete the sign up form.

Step 1-D: Confirmation from, that you have been connected.  Once you have completed the above form or logged in, you will receive a confirmation screen that the authentication has been successful.

Step 1-E: Setup of, Next, you will see options in order to configure your integration. You will see “rates’, and additional settings. They include:
1) Collect user’s billing address at check — If this option is turned on, this will enable the option to collect Billing Address information when your recipient completes a payment using the Stripe.
2)ACH Payment – If this option is turned on, this will enable the options for your payee’s to make any payment through a bank account.

Step 2-A: Using the integration with your PandaDoc Documents and Templates.  Shown below is showing an example document. Please note when you add the payment block, it will be added the bottom of the template or document. This is done to for ease of use for your recipients to understand your document content and then to make payment.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Template -- Add the block

Step 2-B: Payment Block Options for Document and Templates.   Once the block has been added, you will see a list of options on the right side. This is how you can configure the Payment block. Shown below is the document level, you can select a recipient. (For templates, you will be able to choose a “Role”)

Options include:

Settings –  Credit card Form, ACH Form — (If ACH is enabled via setup), you can enable or disable this type of payment options.

Payer – Here you can choose “Any recipient” or you can add recipients to the payment block.

Currency – You can set the currency for the payment

Payment Amount – Here you have two choices “From Pricing table” (If you have used a PandaDoc pricing table) or a custom amount. Show here we are using the pricing table. Please note: If you are using multiple tables, you can add both tables to the invoice.

Percentage of total – Here you can set a percentage of the amount of the payment. Excellent option if you want your recipients to make a “down payment”.

Payment Amount – The current amount to be paid.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Template -- Block Options

Step 2-C: Text field options Next, you can modify the text that is shown on the payment block. This could be used as an invoice. Options included, “Title”, “From” “To”, “Custom Message” and “Custom Terms and Conditions”. Please note: You can use Tokens in the “From”, “To” field sections. A good use case is using a Template Role Tokens to populate the First, Last, Email Address and Company information.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Template -- Text Options for block

Step 3-A: Sending the PandaDoc document to recipient to review and make payment. Once you are ready and you have sent out the document. Next step is when your recipient opens the document and they will need to “complete” the document. Then will have an option to make the payment by clicking on “Submit Payment”.

Please note, if your document has more than one signer, ALL of them must complete the document. Only then, they can proceed to payment.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Recipients View - Make Payment

Step 3-B: Completing the document and submitting payment — Once the document has been “completed/signed, etc..” A Payment method window will be displayed and provide your recipients options to choose how to make the payment. (If ACH is enabled in 1E) option will show to use his payment method.

Strpe - Completed Document - Payment method options

Step 3-C: Submitting the payment- Credit Card For the payment to go through, they will need to add their Contact information (if option enabled in Step 1E),  Credit Card Number, Expiration date and CVV code. Also include options to be remembered (for future payments) and requires phone number to be added. Once done, click on the blue “Pay” button

Payment Submission - CC

Step 3-D: Submitting the payment- ACH (If enabled in step 1E). (Please note: ACH Payments can take up to 5 days to complete).

The payee has an option to connect & verify manually. They will be asked to Choose and “Account” type, enter in their Company, Routing#, Bank# and email address. Verification of 2 micro payments must be completed in order to use this feature. Please note: This setup can take up to 2 days to process).

Payment Submission - ACH

Micro Deposits — When using this feature, 2 small deposits will be added to the bank account used. Please note: This is a necessary step in order to use this payment feature.

Payment Submission - ACH - Bank account Verified

Step 4: ACH Payment Statuses — If the payee has used the ACH payment option and needs to set up their bank account, the following statuses can help you understand the process and current status.

Bank Info Submitted — That’s the first step of the manual verification flow. After adding the bank, it needs to be verified. Verification is done via two small deposits into the bank account that Stripe will automatically send. These deposits will take 1-2 business days to appear on the customer’s online statement.

Bank Account Verified — Payee needs to complete the setup of the bank account, using 2 micro deposits.

Bank Verification Failed — Payee was unable to set up their bank account to complete the payment.

Step 5: Successful Payments Once the payment has been cleared, the payment block (invoice) will now show “PAID”.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Recipients View - Paid

Step 6: Failed Payments — If a recipient’s payment does not go through, the status of the document will have a status of Payment Failed.

Step 7: Confirmation via email that the document has been paid. Once the payment has been posted,  you the sender of the document will receive an email to let you know the payment has been made.

Stripe - Settings - Integrations - Recipients View - Email recieved

Step 8: Reviewing “Paid” document  If you go to your PandaDoc  Dashboard,  you will be able to find these documents under the “Completed” status, and it will have a Status of “Paid”.

Step 9: Send Payment Reminder. At any time, if you are awaiting payment for your document, you can send your recipients a reminder. Click on Recipients on the right, click on the recipient name and you will see “Payment Reminder”.

Payment Reminder

Setup Subscriptions/autopay/recurring charges through   Stripe allows you to make additional charges or set up a subscription for any customer that you have (in your Stripe account) with associated billing details (CC info) View more details on

1) After any charge made via PandaDoc documents, new customers are located in your Stripe account with associated billing info.

2) Then using Stripe’s functionality, you can set up subscriptions or make additional charges for the customers created via PandaDoc docs (same as for any others they have there).

Stripe - Subscription Payments

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