When signing a document, using Option 2-Type, is this legally binding?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide information regarding signing a document and using the “Type” option for signature a signature.

Is using “Type” Option 2, legally binding? Yes, if you or your client uses the “Type” option, this is considered legally binding, as we also provide on the last page of the PDF, you will see a “Signature Certificate” that includes a “Document REF#, your recipients name, verified email address, their IP address and a Date/Time stamp on when the document was completed. For more information about electronic signatures, please click here.

For PandaDoc documents signed in other countries outside of the United States.  Always be sure to check your local laws regarding e-signature. As some countries they are different.

Step 1:  Using “Type” Option 2 to sign documents Create a document, add the signature field and assign a recipient. Send the document out. When you or your client views the document and wants to sign a “signature” block, they will have these options.

Step 2: Example of E-signature verification. Once the document has been signed, you can download the PDF Version. The last page of this PDF file, will include this. This portion helps you to find out who, when and where the document was signed.

Document - Signed E-signature

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