How do I setup my documents and templates for a signing order?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to setup your documents and templates for a “Signing Order”.

What is Signing Order? Signing Order is used when you want to have recipients sign the document before or after other recipients or even yourself. Example, you are sending the document to two recipients, and you want to setup who will sign and complete the document first. This can be done with Signing Order.

Email notifications: Emails will flow in order, per Signing Order. So when the document is sent, first recipient will receive the email to open the document and complete (sign). Next, second recipient will receive the email, complete (sign). Then a completed email will be sent both recipients and sender.

Documents / Templates – Upload and Create: Signing Order can be setup for Documents and Templates using both methods, Upload and Create.  For templates this is done, using “Roles”. See below for more information about Roles. Steps shown below are used when you have uploaded a new document and when you have creating a new template that will be used for a document.

Step 1:  New Documents or from existing document. After the document has been uploaded or created. Go to recipients on the right and then click on signing order. Enable the on/offs switch.  If you have add more than two recipients you can enable signing order.

Step 2: When Creating a new template that will be used for a document. When you create a new template, go to Roles on the right, and you can enable signing order. When this template is used, it will use the signing order for the recipients per the role you have used.

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