SalesforceIQ CRM Integration with PandaDoc


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Focus: The focus of this self-help article is to provide the steps and information necessary to set up and use the SalesforceIQ integration with PandaDoc.

What does this Integration do? This integration will allow you to create, send, and track quotes, proposals, and contracts from within SalesforceIQ. You will be able to start the document creation process from an Account, Contact or Opportunity within SalesforceIQ. All fields within your List and contact details  from SalesforceIQ CRM will flow into your documents seamlessly.

Before you get started, please make sure that you have a PandaDoc account (Don’t have one yet? Start a 14-day free trial.) and that you’ve installed the PandaDoc Chrome extension for SalesforceIQ (currently this integration is only available for Chrome browser users).

To install the Chrome extension, go to your PandaDoc account, Settings > Integrations, find SalesforceIQ, click on it and click “Install Chrome extension”:

Step 1: Login to your SalesforceIQ account and access the PandaDoc panel

To access the PandaDoc panel, open any Opportunity or Contact Stream. If you see a screen like this, please click “connect” and login to your PandaDoc account.

Once you’re connected, you will see a list of related documents to an Opportunity or Contact.

Step 2: Setup of PandaDoc Templates to be used with SalesforceIQ CRM.  Next, we need to setup our templates and how we want to pull in data from SalesforceIQ.   In the following sections, we will discuss the setup of “Roles” and “Tokens”.

Step 2-A: Use of PandaDoc Roles and templates to import Contact information. With the use of PandaDoc Roles, we can import from SalesforceIQ Opportunity object, contact information. The following information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company. Click here for more details about how to use PandaDoc Roles.

SalesforceIQ - Roles

Step 2-B: Setup your tokens to pre-populate your documents with opportunity data.

Tokens are huge timesavers that will auto-fill information from an Opportunity or Contact into a document. Learn more about tokens here.

To view all of the available data that you can push from an Opportunity or Contact property via tokens to a document, click on the gear icon -> “Tokens” tab.

Let’s say you want to pre-populate your standard proposal template with the following data from a SalesforceIQ opportunity: contact name, company name, and company address.

In order to do this, first, go to PandaDoc and open your template. Then copy and paste the token ID’s from the PandaDoc panel within SalesforceIQ into your template. The most important thing is to place them into square brackets. This is what differentiates them as tokens from regular text.

SalesforceIQ - Tokens

From now on every document that you create from a deal within SalesforceIQ — using this template — will be prefilled with the Company Name and List item Revenue.

Step 2-B: Here is a list of example tokens that can be used with the SalesforceIQ integration, please note many other fields are usable from SalesforceIQ, be sure to check them out in SalesforceIQ:

SalesforceIQ Opportunity Fields PandaDoc Token Used
Company Name []
Opportunity ID []
Company ID []
SalesforceIQ Account Fields PandaDoc Token Used
Account Name []
Account ID ID []
Additional SalesforceIQ Company Fields PandaDoc Token Used
Company Name []
Company Street Address [company.db.street_address]
Company City []
Company State [company.db.state]
Company Zip Code [company.db.zip_code]
Company Country []
Company Phone Number [company.db.phone_number]
Company Website URL [company.db.website_url]
SalesforceIQ Contact Fields PandaDoc Token Used
Contact Name []
Contact Email []
Contact Address [contact.address]
Contact Phone []

Step 3: Tracking your documents.
Once you’ve created your first document and it has been gone through its lifecycle, you can track the status of the document by accessing the Opportunity Stream in SalesforceIQ and you will see the document and name on the right side within the PandaDoc module.

PandaDoc Module is hiding SalesforceIQ tool tips — If you need to view the dropdown areas for Settings and Contact/Accounts, you can disable the PandaDoc extension by clicking on the PandaDoc module in the Chrome browser on the top right. This will enable/disable the extension, so you can access SalesforceIQ Tool tips.

sfdiq - disable extension


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