Salesforce Integration with PandaDoc: Setup Guide

What does the integration do? The Salesforce integration with PandaDoc will allow you to setup a PandaDoc Add-on in Salesforce to start PandaDoc documents from Opportunities, Leads, Contacts and Account. Opportunity, Leads, Contacts and Account information, contacts, product and pricing details all flow into PandaDoc. Documents sent from the records mentioned above will be linked inside of the Salesforce layout.

Availability: Enterprise plan.

It is necessary to install the correct version of the integration based on what version of Salesforce you use.

If you have “Group” or “Professional” Salesforce version, you will need to install version 1.26, a guide to install it can be found here: self help guide.

If you have “Enterprise”, “Unlimited”, or “Developer edition” of Salesforce, please install the latest version and higher using the instructions in the Installation guide (found below).

Please note, you must have either Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer’s Edition of Salesforce to use the following features:

  • Recipient management functionality
  • PandaDoc updates as notes in SFDC
  • Simple new custom object configuration
  • Possibility to remove triggers
  • Possibility to send account as a recipient
  • PandaDoc clean up functionality
  • Short improvements for logging module
  • CPQ: discounts and proper sorting
  • Sandbox is fully supported

You will need to have Salesforce Admin rights to install the PandaDoc module and configure it.

Part 1: Installation

Part 2: Setup and Configuration

Part 3: Product and Pricing Table Setup

Part 4: Two Way Sync Setup

Part 5: Sending Documents

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