PandaDoc for HR Documents

PandaDoc is bringing HR into the paperless future. Start sending better offer letters, forms, and any other type of document. Automate the process and analyze views so you can increase your productivity.

Create Interactive HR Documents
Don’t send the same-old ineffective documents, create truly engaging ones with PandaDoc. Embed videos, images, dynamic forms for recipients to fill out, and more to better attract talent and show off what your organization is all about.

Seamless Collaboration and Negotiations
Collaborate with co-workers and negotiate with recipients better through PandaDoc’s internal commenting. Leave long email threads in the past, and keep all contact alongside the document.

Save Time with Integrations
PandaDoc integrates with your CRM, ATS, or HCM. Save time copy-and-pasting information between multiple applications and tools every time you need to send out a document — integrate PandaDoc with the tools you’re already using.

Quicker Turnaround with Electronic Signatures
Don’t wait around hoping your forms or contracts get signed soon. PandaDoc’s convenient, secure, and legally binding eSignatures lets your recipients sign anytime, anywhere.

Keep Track of All Your Sent Documents
PandaDoc lets you know what’s happening with all of your documents after they’re sent. You’ll get instant notifications anytime a recipient opens, views, or signs your document. You’ll also gain insight into how your recipients are interacting with them.

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