What is the Page Footer content block and how do I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about the PandaDoc Editor content block “Page Footer”

What is the Page Footer Block?: The Page Footer block is designed to add a footer that will show on the pages of the document (except for the cover page (if enabled). This can be setup for templates and documents. The Footer will show on the first page of the Web Version and all pages on the PDF version of the final sent document.

Step 1: Create a document/template. Click on “New Document/New Template” on the upper right and then click on “Create a Doc”/”Create a template”.

Step 2: Adding the Page Footer content block. Over on the right, click and drag the Page Footer block into the editor window.

Step 3: Page Footer Content Block Layout Options. With the Page Header block, they are three different layouts that you can select. Then Include, “Text”, “IMG Left”, “IMG Right”. Option to “Show Page Numbers in PDF” with two settings is also available.

Step 4-A:  Adding your content – with editor — Once you have added the block and select the layout, now you can add content and modify the text. You will see options for Bold, Italics, Underline, layout justification (Left, Center, Right), Number points and bullet points, hyperlinking and adding images.

Step 4-B:  Adding your content – Images – If you have selected a block layout that uses images, you can click on the image marker in the footer and upload a picture. This is a good option if you want to display your company logo on the footer. Maximum height is 50 pixels in size. Please note:  If you would like to add an image in the Page Footer block that goes all the way across the template/document, we recommend the image to be 680 pixels in length.

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