Invite Your Team

PandaDoc is built to work with large teams and organizations. Have better control over multiple users and organizations, foster team collaboration, all while creating better and engaging documents.

Organize Better with Workspaces
PandaDoc makes it easy to manage large teams or multiple departments with workspaces. Create different workspaces to separate the work you’re doing by team, department, or function. It’s easy to manage your multiple workspaces with our Admin Panel.

Simple Collaboration
PandaDoc’s internal commenting simplifies team collaboration. Comment directly on the document you’re collaborating on to minimize miscommunication. Tag co-workers and view the history of your conversations all within PandaDoc.

Painless Team Management
Manage your team better with preset and custom roles. Use PandaDoc’s pre-defined roles to manage user’s access and permissions. You can even create custom roles for more flexibility.

Better Control and Organization
Never worry about managing your large library of content or how your team is using it. Lock users from editing certain blocks of content and easily share content across your multiple workspaces. It’s easy to organize and find all of your templates, documents, and more. Use tags to find everything easier, and view internal reports to understand what your team is using.

Ready to be a team player? Invite your team and start increasing your productivity now!

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