How to import Catalog items via CSV?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to import your catalog items via CSV. Download this Sample CSV.

File Format support: We only support CSV files that are UTF-8 encoded and we accept up to 100,000 records to import at one time.

Which fields are predefined for the catalog?:

Catalog - Predefined Fields

Please note:  “SKU” column is the unique Identifier. If you upload an item with the SKU that  already exists in PandaDoc, it will not create a new record, but update the existing catalog record. If you need help with this, download this file Sample CSV (Includes Pre-defined columns) and then add your data. For the “description” field, we also support HTML coding. For example, adding a line break, using the “< br > “to the description.

Please note: “cost” and “price” Columns.  For these columns, we do not allow decimals to be more than two (2). Example:  19.99

Delimiter: The delimiter to separate the content needs to be a “comma”. CSV Stands for Comma Separated Value.

Number of items maximum per upload: At this time, PandaDoc supports up to thousands of items to be imported. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to us and let us know.

How are custom columns of added in the catalog?: Any additional columns will be saved as custom string fields. These custom columns then can be used to on the pricing table for custom columns. If you have extra columns, add them to the CSV, Save and then upload.

Create and prepare your CSV file. Using the Pre-defined columns and your custom columns. Create the CSV File. Make sure you at least have the following columns, “Name”, “Description’, “Price”.

Step 1: Importing into the Catalog. In PandaDoc, click on “Catalog” on the left, and then click three dots in the top right and choose “Import”

Step 2: Choosing a file to import.  Click on the button “Choose File” and select this from your computer.

Example of CSV file used:

Step 3: Notifications When you start the import process, you will receive a notification that the import has started.

When the import has been completed. You will receive an email stating the import has been completed.

Catalog - import - email complete

Step 4: Verifying items have been added.  Once you receive the email notification, you can now go back to PandaDoc catalog and you will see your items have been added. You can click on each item to see the setup.

Step 5: Import Troubleshooting  If you do have any issues and  your  CSV file will not update, you will need to check the formatting for the columns. Please see the screen shot at the very top of this article and make sure the “Format” is set correctly for that column of data. Example, if the “price field” is not set correctly to a “decimal” format. You are also welcome to download the “Sample CSV” at the top of this article and move your existing content into this file to upload.

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