What is the Image library and how can I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to copy an existing document.

What is the image library?: The image library is a new repository for images that you can use over and over again, once you uploaded them one time into PandaDoc.

The image library can be used with the following Builder “Blocks” that has options to include an image: Text, Image, Pricing table, Cover Page, Page Header and Page footer, Cover Page Block – Background image and Design Options -Background image. It also can be used with your Catalog items.

Who has access to the image library?: All team members in your PandaDoc account will have access to previously added images that were added to the library. Please note:. Permissions and Custom Permissions are available to setup access/restrictions to these images.

PandaDoc Plans: The image library is only for Business and Enterprise plans.

In the following example, we will be discussing using the Image Library with a template that was created using the document builder. However, you can also do this in documents and content library items.

Step 1:  Open any template, document or content library item that was created in the Builder.

Template - Image Library - Example Template

Step 2:  Click on an existing or add a new block that can use images. In the following example we will look at the “Image” block.

Template - Image Library - image block clicked and showing settings

Step 3: Adding an image. By clicking on the “+” we can add a new image from your computer or import one from DropBox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive. Upload the image and you will see 3 options: 1. Choose Another (to choose another file), 2. Use Image (to add to the block) and 3. Use and Save to Library (Add to the image library).

Template - Image Library - image block - file uploaded - options

Step 4: Using existing images from the “Image Library.”  Click on the “+” to insert an image from the “Image Library.” Go to “Image Library” to see a list of those images and select the one that you would like to use. To preview prior to inserting, click on the little eye icon that shows at the top right to expand the images.

Template - Image Library - image block - file uploaded - saved to library and preview

Example Preview:

Template - Image Library - image block - file uploaded - saved to library - large preview

Step 5: Manage your “Image Library.” To access and manage the library, click on “Library” on the right. Select “Images” at the top.

Template - Image Library - Library to Manage


Step 5A: To rename images, click on eye icon on the image you want to edit. This will launch the image in a larger box. On the top left, click inside of the image title and make any changes needed. Click “close” when finished.

Template - Image Library - Library to Manage - options - manage -eye Template - Image Library - Library to Manage - options - manage - rename

Step 5B: To delete images from your “Image Library,” click on the “…” and then “Manage Images.”

Template - Image Library - Library to Manage - options - manage

Step 5C: Select the red trashcan icon to delete the image of your choosing. Click on “Done” when complete.

Please note: Once an image has been deleted from the “Image Library,” PandaDoc cannot restore it. You will have to add the image back into the library.

Template - Image Library - Library to Manage - options - manage - delete

Now you have your images save to your account and you use can them over and over for all documents, templates and content library items in your account.


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