How do I lock a block so it cannot be edited?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to “lock” a block from being edited.

Why use this feature?: If you would like to restrict your team members from being able to edit a block of content.

Which blocks can be locked?: All of the PandaDoc building content blocks can be blocked. They include: Heading, Text, Image, Video, Table, Pricing Table, TOC, Page Break, Cover Page, Page Header, Page Footer, Attachment.

Feature availability:  Enabled for Enterprise plan by default. This feature is available in our in Add-on Store. Please login and then go to the Add-on Store found on the bottom left side of your PandaDoc account to enable. Click here for more information.

New Feature (Pricing table block restriction) – You can now restrict access to the columns in the pricing tables to allow/disallow your team members to edit the pricing table. See Step 4 below for more details.

With this feature, a team member can change only the editable columns within the pricing table, and they can only add items from the catalog and remove rows if the selected column allows for edits.

Please note: Locking of blocks can be done inside of Content Library items and Templates. Only the “Owner”, “Admin”,  “Manager” of the account, have the ability to “unlock” a block”.

Shown below, we are inside of a template.

Step 1:  Locking the block. Once enabled, you can open a block of content, (example: text block), click on the “…” and you will see ” Restrict editing”

Step 2: Verifying a block is “locked”.  Here you will see an example of a “locked” block.

Step 3: Using blocks that have been “locked”. Once the block has been locked and then used for a document, template, etc… they will not have the ability to edit the content of the block.

Step 4: Pricing table block restriction.  Once enabled, open your template that has a pricing table. Click on the pricing table and then use the top right content menu and click on restrict editing.

Once done, Select the columns that you wish to allow your team members to control the content.

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