How do I create Content Library items from Content Blocks?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to on how to create Content Library items from your existing documents and templates that were “created” using the document builder.


Availability: Business and Enterprise plans.

Please note:  The add to Content Library, can be used for the following content blocks:  Heading, Text, Image, Video, Table, Pricing Table, TOC, Attachment.

Multiple ways to add to Content Library: In PandaDoc, there are two ways you can add existing blocks to the content library. Create New and Add to existing. Click here to learn more about to how to add from Create New.

Step 1:  Open an existing draft document or template. Shown below, we have opened an existing template and showing a text block that we have created. Over on the right, you will see the layout options. Click on the “…” to bring up the extra options, then click on “Add to Content Library.” If you’re trying to grab content from a “Sent,” “Viewed,” or “Completed” document, you will need to make a duplicate of it and go into the copy to convert the section you want into a Content Library item.

Step 2: Add to Content Library options.  Next, you will see two options. “A new Library item” or “An existing library item”.

Step 3-A: Adding a new Item If you are creating a new item, select the option and click next. Here you will asked t provide a new to this new Content Library item. Add a name and then click “Add”

Step 3-B: Adding to an existing item.  If you would like to add the current block to an existing content library item, select the option and click next. Here you will be shown a list of your current content library items. Select the item name and click “Add”.

Step 4Reviewing your newly added items. Now, if you click on “Content Library” on the left, you will have access to all of your Content Library items that you can use in your future documents and templates.

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