How do I add a password to my documents in order to be viewed?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about how to add password for your PandaDoc documents.

What is the password feature?:  When setup this will enable a password (your choosing) for the document. Then in order for your recipients to access the document, they will need to enter in the password.

Feature availability: Enabled for Enterprise plan by default. This feature is available in our in Add-on Store. Please go to the “Add-on Store” found on the bottom left of your account to locate and enable. Click here to learn  more about the Add-on Store.

Step 1: Create or open an document/template. Click on “New Document/New Template” on the upper right and then click on “Create a Doc”/”Create a template”, or open an existing document.

Step 2: Setup the password. On your document, go to “recipients” on the right and you will see a list of the recipients for this document. Click on the “recipients” name.

Step 3: Type in your password. Next type in the password that you want to use and click “Save”.

Step 4: Add the rest of your content, fields, etc and then send out the document. Please note: be sure to “provide the password” to your recipients.

Step 5: Opening the document as a recipient to see the password option. As shown below, we have opened the document as the recipient. Here you will see the option to enter in the password.

Editor - Recipients - Password - recipients end

Once the password has been entered, they will have access to the document.

Access Code Expired — If your recipient of the document had entered in the incorrect code 3 “three” times incorrectly, they might see “Your access code for this document has expired”.

In order to fix this, As the author of the document, go back to Recipients > Click on Recipient Name > and then change the Access code to something different and click Save. Be sure to provide this new access code to your recipients.

Step 6: Locate the password that was setup for the document.  Just in case you ever need to review the password that has been created, please go back to “recipients” and click on the recipient’s name to review the password.

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