Why hasn’t my client/recipient received my document?

Focus:  The focus on this self help document is to provide information about sending documents from PandaDoc to recipients or not receiving email notifications from PandaDoc.

If you are having issues getting email notifications to your signers or they are being blocked, check out the tips below.

Is the email address correct?
You can double-check this by opening the document and clicking on “Recipients.” If changes are needed, you will need to duplicate the document and click here to new FAQ for changing email for more information. If you need remove access to the document sent to the incorrect email address, you need to delete the document.

Are there multiple signers on my document? If so, am I using Signing order?
By default, signing order is disabled. However if you have enabled Signing order, the emails will not be sent out to that recipient until the previous recipient has opened (if cc’d) or the Signer has clicked on “Done” to complete the document . Click here for more details about using Signing order.

Have I tried resending the notification to view or sign the document?
It’s possible that the recipients have accidentally deleted or lost the original notification in their inbox. You have two options:

  1. For signers, you can send a reminder OR
  2. For signers and cc’d, you can also leave a “Public Comment” (Step 1A) and it will trigger an email notification to all recipients.

Is this the first time I’ve sent a document  to this particular email address?
One of the most common causes of this issue is that the email has filter to spam or has been blocked. Everyone’s email server settings, spam control, firewall, and anti-virus settings are set up differently. Because of every email server is setup differently, it is possible that the notifications are getting filtered into the recipient’s spam folder, or they are being blocked by his/her ISP or firewall.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do as a PandaDoc user to resolve this beyond trying an alternate email address. However, the recipient can whitelist or mark docs@pdoc.co as a safe sender. You can use these links as a reference for further assistance:

If that is not the case, have your recipient contact their IT Administrator and to whitelist or mark docs@pdoc.co as a safe sender. In addition to that action, they can also allow emails sent from these specific IP addresses:


Can I send a PandaDoc document from my own email address or obtain a direct link to the document?
The email docs@pdoc.co that is used to send the document to your recipients cannot be changed.  This is due to how our system generates the secure document URL as well as meeting the requirements of the UETA and ESIGN acts for a legally binding signature.

In order for our system to be legally binding, the UETA and ESIGN requires documents to be sent and hosted via third party. In this case, this is PandaDoc.

Email Validation

Email validation

To prevent cases when we can’t deliver a document to a recipient because of an invalid email address, PandaDoc will automatically check to recipients email address to verify it is valid when adding to the ‘Add new recipient’ form.

Every email address will be validated based on:

Syntax checks: analyzes addresses, and determines if they are valid or not, based on a formal grammar.

Domain Name Service (DNS) lookups: just because an email address is syntactically valid, doesn’t mean that anyone will receive mail at that address. That’s why, in addition to syntax checks, we look up the domains DNS records to see if an MX server has been defined to accept mail.

Email Service Provider (ESP) specific local-part grammar: most ESPs actually have a fairly stringent rules for the local-part (before the @ symbol) you can actually create. For example, Yahoo Mail addresses can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and one period. So while an address like, “John Smith”@yahoo.com is completely syntactically valid, it does not actually exist at Yahoo Mail and will bounce. So for the big ones like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft (including Hotmail), AOL, and Apple we will validate email addresses against their more stringent rules.

Need to further assistance from PandaDoc?
If you are still having any issues with emails after checking above, please login into your PandaDoc account and use the Green “Help” icon found on the bottom right. Send us a message with the following details:

Document Name
Document Creator Name and Email Address
Screenshot of Document “Recipients”
Screenshot of the Document “Activity”

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