What is the document Activity?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about the Document “Activity”. This includes “Comments and Team Member Comments”, “Audit Trail”, and “Actions”.

What is a Document “Activity”?:  The document activity is shown to provide you information that contains every action about the document. Including when the document was created, edited and sent. Also includes when your recipient has viewed the document and when the document has been completed. It also can be used to add comments to the document.

What is “Comments”?: Comments shows all the public comments added to the document by the document creator and recipients. Please note: Once a document has been sent, only the document creator can send out comments to recipients of the document. You cannot delete comments.

What is “Internal Commenting”?: If you have multiple team members in your account, you can send them a private message by using the “@” to leave comments for a specific team member. When you leave comments, your team member will receive an email notification. Please note: Only team members that have access to the document can be notified via internal commenting.

What is “Audit Trail”?: Audit trail provides the statuses of the documents and the “Sent to” email messages that were sent from PandaDoc.

What is “Actions”?: Actions provides details of who created the document, email messages sent to the client, clients opened emails, delivery failure messages to recipients, viewed the document, when it was completed, etc…

Step 1-A:  Reviewing the document activity and Activity – Comments Click on “Documents” on the left, click on any of the document names. Then over on the right, you will see the “Activity” button, click on this and then click on “Comments”. Please note: “Gray” comments are public comments, this means everyone (including recipients) can see the comments.

Step 1-B: Internal commenting to communicate with PandaDoc team members. Here you will see in the screenshot, that you can “Mention” using the “@” to communicate with your team members. Also using the “lock” icon, you can turn this off for internal and public comments. When comments are left, emails will be sent for the comments added to the document or if you are mentioning a team member. Please note: “yellow” comments are internal comments, this means team members can only see these comments. Please watch the video for more details about this feature.

Step 2: Activity – Audit Trail Inside of activity, you will also see Audit Trail. Click on this to see the status trail of the document so you always know where you are at in the life cycle of this document.

Step 3: Activity – Actions Inside of activity, you will see “Actions”. Click on this to see the actions done on this document.


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