What are Document Analytics?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about PandaDoc analytics for your documents.

What are analytics?: Document Analytics are way to help you track when and how much time your recipients spent on each page of the document. Analytics are broken down by Recipient name, then each page of your document per time spent, times viewed and how long ago the document was opened and if the PDF Version was downloaded.

  • Number of times viewed, last time access.
  • Clicking on a recipient:
  • Times Viewed
  • Total Time Spent
  • Last View
  • PDF Download
  • If any “Links” where clicked.

Then by pages,

  • Percentage of time spent for this page (Takes seconds into consideration)
  • Time  Spent on the page
  • Times viewed on the page
  • Last time page was viewed.

Please note:  Analytics stop tracking after 30 seconds if the recipient of the document is inactive.  Using the Page Break block will not separate the analytics on pages. Also, if you “edit” your document, old analytics would be removed. If you need to keep current analytics of documents, we suggest you duplicate it to send out a new version.

Step 1:  Locating Analytics. Open any Document that has been, sent, viewed and/or completed. Click on “Analytics” on the right. If you sent this document to multiple recipients you can select their name to view detailed information. Click on the name to find more details about each recipients.

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