What is the Dashboard?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide information about the PandaDoc Dashboard.

What is the PandaDoc Dashboard?: The Dashboard is an overview of all your activity from all documents in one place. This is also the page where you start sending out new documents or access other tools. By using the status selection, you can see all of your documents and others that are apart of your team. You can review all comments and document activity found on the right side, under “Timeline” It’s a one stop place to view everything inside of your PandaDoc account.

Step 1:  Accessing the Dashboard. When you login this will be the first screen that his shown. Or you can access by clicking on “Dashboard” on the left.

  1. Choose a Team Member —  Used by Owners, Admins, or Managers of the account, you can choose from a list of team members to see their documents by status in the Dashboard.Please note: Team member permissions affect which documents you see. If you have “Owner”, “Admin” or ”Manager” set, you will see all documents including your team members. If you have “Team Member” set, you will only see your own documents.
  2. Period Selection Option –At the top, you can choose the different time “periods”. You will see options for 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year. Depending on your selection, documents will be displayed based upon the “time” of the document Created, Sent, Viewed, Completed, etc….
  3. Status Selection at the top —Here you will see a list of statuses. You can click on each status and provide you a list of those documents. If you see a “# today” this means a new document has been added to that status today. Total amounts are also added to each status, this is defined by your “Pricing table” blocks you have used for your documents.

Status Definitions:

  • Sent —Documents that have been sent via email from PandaDoc to Recipients of the documents.
  • Viewed — Documents that have been opened via email from Recipients of the documents.
  • Completed —Documents that have been completed, usually, using “Fields” to complete the document by the recipients.
  • Draft —Documents that are currently being edited and have NOT been “Sent” to the client.
  • For Approval (IF Feature – Workflow Approval Enabled) — Documents that are waiting to be “Approved” or have been “Approved”.
  • Waiting for Pay — (If Stripe.com Integration is enabled) — Documents that are waiting for the “Payment” is completed by recipient.
  • Paid — (If Stripe.com Integration is enabled) — Documents that have been “Paid” using the integration.
  • Expired — Documents that have not been completed and has gone past its expiration period.
  1. Timeline – Found on the right side, here you can review information about each document in your account. On far right, you will see an option “Refresh” the timeline. Timeline shows in chronological order (starting from the most recent) all docs that received actions and the last 3 actions related to a document:
    1. Comments” are shown, that were posted by you, your team members or your recipients to the document.  Please note you can move your mouse cursor of the Dates, and a full date and time will show up. This time is based upon your computer settings.
    2. Document Activity is also shown under the timeline.  This will display all information regarding about what happened to a document. Including, when a document was created, sent, viewed by your client, etc.. You can also click on the document name to take you to that document. Please note you can move your mouse cursor of the Dates, and a full date and time will show up. This time is based upon your computer settings.

Step 2: Selecting a Status. Once you have clicked on a status, a full list of all documents under that status will be displayed. Here you can Search or review all documents in that Status.

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