How do I create and use saved email messages?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to save your email messages to be used again and again.

Why should I save my email messages?:  Often, there might be times that you will be sending out the same type of documents and you do not want to rewrite out a brand new email message. This is a great way to save time by saving your messages to be used again and again. You can use this for uploaded documents and documents created from our builder.

Who has access to the saved messages?: All team members in your PandaDoc account will have access to previously added messages that were added. Please note: Permissions and Custom Permissions  are available to setup access/restrictions to these saved messages.

Step 1: Find a draft document to send. Go to “Documents” on the left, find and click on the document name to open it. If you’re creating a document from a template, go to Step 2.

Step 2:  Send the document.  Over on the right, click on the green “Send” button.”

Documents - Save Message - Sending

Change the title of the document, if needed. Click on “Save and continue,” to continue to the email message.

Step 3: Adding and saving your message. On this screen, you can add your message to your recipients. If you want to reuse the message, click on “Save this Message” button.

Step 4: Saving the message. Next, you will be provided the option to give a “Title” for this message. Click “Save.”

Documents - Save Message - Sending - Message and Save Message - Saving

Step 5: Accessing existing email messages. Once you have saved your e-mail message, you can access the again to use them for future documents. After clicking on “Send” and confirming the document title, click on “Saved Messages.”

Documents - Save Message - Sending - Saved Messages Existing - Example Saved

Here you will see a list of your saved messages and the option to create a new one.

Step 6a: Editing or Deleting saved messages. At any time, you can edit or delete a “Saved Message.” In the “Saved Message” window, click on “Manage.”

Documents - Save Message Manage

Step 6b: Choose your message and click on “Edit.” Once you click on it, you can edit the contents of the message or deleting the message entirely.

Please note that you cannot revert to a previous version or restore a deleted “Saved Message.”

Documents - Save Message Edit

To delete the message, click on the “delete” button:

deleteDocuments - Save Message edit and delete

Step 7: Managing through Settings. You also have the ability to add and manage all of your saved messages, by going to Settings > Saved Messages.

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