How to Build an Editable Template

Step 1: Accessing your templates. Click on the “Templates” icon on the left. Here you will see a list of your templates.

Step 1a: Template Context menu For each Template that you have in your account, you can use the far right menu to: “Duplicate”, “Move”, “Share – If enabled), Rename and Delete the template.

Step 2: Creating a new template On the upper right, click on “New Template”.

Step 3: Creating an Editable template.  Click on the “Create a Template” tab at the top and then click on the green button “Create a new template”.

Step 4: Template Name and Roles. Provide your template and a name and set up Roles. What is a template “Role”?:  Roles are added to templates to help predefine the fields when you use a template for a document. So, if you set up a role called “Signer”, for each field; when you turn this template into a document, all that you have to do is assign a recipient to that role when you turn this template into  a document. The system will know that this recipient will have to go through all of those fields. Roles can be assigned to any field except for the “Text” field. Please note: If you are adding more than two roles, you can set up the “Sign In” order. Click here for more info.

For more detailed information about “Template Roles” and how they can be used, click here.

Step 5: Content creation using Content Blocks  Over on the right, click and drag the heading block over and then you can add your text. In this example, we will add a “Text Block”.

To add other pieces of content, simple drag and drop them.

Step 6: Content Block Layout Options. For the “Heading”, “Text” and “Image” content blocks, each one of these has its own layout options. For text, you will see “Text”, “IMG Left” and “IMG Right”.

To view the layout options for other blocks, click on each link: “Heading”, “Image”, “Video“, “Table Block”, “Pricing Table Block”, “TOC”, “Cover Page”, “Page Header”, “Page Footer”, “Attachment“.

Step 7: Adding Fields You can also add PandaDoc fields if you have content that you wish be to filled out by the recipients of your document.  Please note: Fields can only be added inside of the block.  In this example, we will be adding a Signature field.

To Learn more Fields and how they can be used, click on each link:  TextField Field, Signature FieldInitials Field, Date Field, Checkbox FieldDropdown Field, Masked Field, Upload Field. To review all Fields, click here.

Step 8: Using Tokens.  A token is piece of code that you can insert into a “Content Block” that will auto-fill your information. For example, if you have filled out the Client fields (First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email address) for your client contact, you can insert in a token to auto-fill that in your proposal.  Custom tokens can also be created. Please view this link for more information about Tokens.

Step 9: Template Comments. You can use Template comments to add notes for this template or communication with your team members to work and build the template.

Step 10: Template Settings. Found in More > Settings.  Here you will find details about this document including Template Name, Owner, Created and ability to set the auto-expiration and auto-reminder. Click each link to view more information about these features.

Step 11: Design Options You also have the ability to modify the “Design” of the document. Click on “More…” > Design.

For more information about the Design options, click here.

Step 12: Template Workflow and setup of Approval Process. If you would like to enable the approval process whenever this template is used for a document. Be sure to check out “More…” > Workflow”.

For more information about the work-flow and approval process, click here.

Step 13: Using the Template for a document. When you are ready, click on the green button “Create doc”.

Template will be used in Document mode, Assign the Recipients to the Roles and you are good to go!

Step 14: PandaDoc Template Tools Click on the following links for more information about: “Editing Templates”, “Template Versions”, “Embedding options”, “Duplicate Template“, “Template Tagging“, “Content reporting for templates

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