Convert .docx, Google Doc or Word Online files into editable PandaDoc templates and documents

Learn here how to quickly & easily create editable PandaDoc templates and documents from your .docx, Google Docs or Word Online documents.

Availability: all plans.

Formats you can import: docx, Google Doc, Word Online

Step 1. Import your file

Click “New Document” or “New Template” and choose “Import” in the popup window.

If you do not find this option, reach out to your Account Owner and ask them to enable this feature in the Add-on store (found in the bottom left of your PandaDoc account)

You can drag & drop your file to add from your device or import it from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box.

Note, we don’t support uploading documents from OneDrive for Business

Step 2. Review your content

Your document will be broken down into content blocks, you can edit them:

For Templates, you can add tokens as placeholders for dynamic content (any info that will change from document to document):

You can also modify the design of your document or template – just click …More > Design:


  1. From .docx files, we can import the following fonts only: Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Times New Roman, Monospace;
  2. Text Effects and Typography cannot be imported;
  3. Line Spacing of your .docx file will be set to the default PandaDoc;
  4. Only simple tables with simple borders can be imported (no design, no merged cells);
  5. Shapes, Charts, SmartArt are not supported;
  6. Orientation will be set to portrait;
  7. Page color, border and margins cannot be imported, ‘US letter’ paper size will be applied;
  8. Document comments and footnotes cannot be imported.

If you want to change the font of the document, you can set a new one in the Design section or import a Google font using custom CSS.

Here’s more information on how you can work with PandaDoc Documents and Templates.

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  2. Click on the “Help” button next to your profile icon
  3. Choose Submit Help Request option

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