How do I convert a document into a template?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to how to convert an existing document into a template to be used again and again.

What is Convert to Template?: This is an option so that you can take your existing documents and turn this into templates to be used again and again.

Please note:  Both types of documents can be converted into a template from a document. Document Upload or Document Create has the option to do this. When the document is converted into a template, it will add the word “template”.  In our example, show below for a document that was created via Upload.  If the document name was “General NDA”, the template would be called “General NDA template”.

What happens to my filled out “tokens”?: If data has been filled out using tokens, the data will remain, however, the token would be stripped out.

What happens to my filled out “fields”?: Field data will be stripped and the field be assigned to a default “Role”.

Step 1:  Find and open the document. Click on Documents on the left and click on the name of the document.

Step 2: Using the convert option. On the right, click on “More…” and then click on “Convert to Template”.

Step 3: After conversion. After the document has been converted into a template, now you will have all the options associate with template creation.

Examples of a completed document, created by the document builder and using tokens and fields:


Converted to a template:

Showing tokens. Here you will notice the Yellow tokens have been stripped out of the template, however the text data remains, but will see four default tokens created.

Showing roles and fields: Here you see the fields that the content of the field has been removed and the default “role” that has been created.

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