How do I connect my Google Drive account to have documents to be signed with PandaDoc?


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What do I need? Your PandaDoc email on file must match your Google Account. If you are using a company email, please create a Google Account for that email here: Then follow the steps below to link the accounts together.

Step 1:  How to add your Google Doc add-on for the first time.


Using a Google Doc, upload a document from your hard drive or Dropbox or create a new one. Then Click on “Add-ons > Get Add-ons

Step 2: Finding and installing the PandaDoc Add on for Google Docs.

Search Google Doc Add-ons

Search for “PandaDoc” or scroll down looking for the bright green “Sign Docs box”. Click on it and select FREE like below.

Selecting Google Doc Add on

Step 3-A: Using PandaDoc with your Google Doc. Now you will find the PandaDoc add-on right inside your Google Docs. Simply go to Add-ons > PandaDoc > Send via PandaDoc and you will be presented with the options, to add your own signature and send, or add another recipient(s) and then add fields to this document via PandaDoc.

Google Doc - Add-ons - PandaDoc

Authorization — If you are connecting for the first time, you will need to “Authorize” the connection between PandaDoc and Google Drive. Click “Authorize” to allow access.

Step 3-B: Option  #1 – Ability to add your own signature. If you have setup your signature in your PandaDoc account, you can drag and drop your signature into the document. If you need to add other recipients to the document to be sent, click on the blue button “Next: Add other people to sign”.

Step 3-C: Option #2 – Add other signers or recipients. Here you can add additional contacts you wish to send this document too. When you add these clients here, you can select them when you add fields in Step 4 below.  When you have finished adding your recipients, click the blue button: “Next: Finalize”

Step 3-D: Option #3 — Review the document and send via PandaDoc. Be sure to review the document and make any final changes. When ready to be processed through PandaDoc, click on the blue button: “Preivew and Send via PandaDoc”.

Step 4: Processing through PandaDoc. Once the document has been loaded in PandaDoc, you can now add other fields and assign those fields to yourself or to your recipients you have added in Step 3-C. When you are ready to send the document, click on the green “Send” button.

Step 5: Deleting the Add-On  If you ever need to delete the Add-On, go to Add-Ons at the top, click on “Manage Add-ons”. Next, find PandaDoc, click on “Manage”, then “remove.

Google Doc Add-on - Delete

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