How do I change my team members roles?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to setup “team member” roles for your PandaDoc account when you have invited others to be included apart of your team. We also provide instruction on how to change the roles.

What are team member roles? Team member “roles” are way to apply permissions to the account. PandaDoc has four (4) types of roles and three (3) of them can be assigned to newly added team members. They are:
A. Owner, this role provides full access to the account. Only Owners have the ability to add new Workspaces (if enabled).
B. Admin, this role provides full access to the account, except for Settings > Accounts and ability to create Workspaces.
C. Manager, this role can send and view all documents with the account. They can also add new users.  They also have access to “Send Reminders” for documents the Owner has created.
D. Team member, this role, can send and view own documents, but has no access to the documents sent by other team members. They will have access to create new templates and Content Library items, but not Catalog items.

Permission Matrix for Account Roles:

Step 1:  Setting Roles. Once you have invited new members and received confirmation that they have accepted the invitation. Go to Settings > Teams.

Step 2: You will see that invited team members, now have a dropdown box, below the name. Select either Manager or Team Member role.

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