Many of your proposals, contracts, agreements, and collateral likely use the same wording. For frequently used documents, creating a template will save you a significant amount of time. With templates, you can send the same document to a number of people, while creating personalized versions of that document for each recipient.

By using PandaDoc features like content library, roles, and autofill tokens – you can make your templates even more robust – saving you additional time and effort.

Content Library: The PandaDoc Content Library is a great way to store reusable content you can use “ad hoc” in your templates and documents.

Roles: PandaDoc roles are similar to merge fields or placeholders for your actual document recipients. When a template is used to create a document, those “fields” are assigned to the appropriate recipients.

Tokens: Tokens allow you to auto-populate key pieces of information into documents, making the personalization of our documents effortless.

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