Content & Team Management

PandaDoc lets you manage and distribute your content easily across teams, departments, groups, or projects by using our Workspace Feature. Easily manage your content by using workspaces and tags to help organize and categorize information.

Workspaces let you organize your content in separate spaces – allowing you to have separate content, workflows, and access permissions for each space.
Note: The workspace feature is available only with our Enterprise Plan.

Tags are essentially “keywords” the let you organize and categorize your templates, documents, and content pieces. Tags make it easier to search and quickly find your content. Examples of potential tags are: Proposals, NDA, Client Testimonial, and more. Tagging is easy – you can pick a tag from a list you’ve previously created or create new ones.

Managing Team Members: It’s easy to manage team members within PandaDoc. Team members “roles” allow you to manage permissions for your account and content.