Content Library

The PandaDoc Content Library is a great way to store reusable content to use “ad-hoc” in your documents and templates. Populate your documents with approved pieces of content, such as case studies, client testimonials, legal T&C, disclaimers, pricing quotes, and more. With our Content Library, it’s easy to create a library of “extra” content that your team can drag and drop on-the-fly to personalize documents for specific needs. Leave copying and pasting in the past.

Create and add items to your library: It’s quick and easy to add block of content (text, video, images, or pricing tables) from previous created documents into your content library for future use.

Drag and Drop: Reuse content on the fly – drag and drop pre-approved library items into your documents.

Lock a content block: Some items, like standard terms and conditions or service agreements can be locked to prevent changes and ensure accuracy.

Note: content library is available on Business and Enterprise Plans.