What is the Catalog and how do I use it?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about the “catalog”, how to add them and how to use them for your pricing tables.

What is a Catalog item? Create your catalog items that you are going to use again and again for your documents.  Catalog items are used in conjunction with the PandaDoc Document Builder “Pricing Table” content block.

Please note: you can set a default currency in your PandaDoc Settings. Click here for more information for about default currency.

Step 1: Adding your Catalog items. On the left, Click on the Catalog icon and then click on “+ New Item”

Step 2: Catalog fields.  You will be presented with the following fields. “SKU”, “Product Name”, “Price”, “Cost”, “Description”. Please add as much Information as you can about this item and what information you wish to add. In the Description field, this is a semi-HTML block, where you can Bold, Italic, Underline, use number points, bullet points and hyper links. Please note:  Cost field… available for  Business and Enterprise plans. For more details about using Cost, click here.

Step 3: Catalog pictures. You can also add catalog pictures that will be used with the Catalog item. Please note: catalog pictures will not show in the PDF version of the document. You can also save your Catalog items to the image Library to be used again and again. Learn more here.

Please note: Catalog images will not be shown in the downloaded PDF versions. If you want your images to show in the PDF, please include them in the item description instead.

Step 4: Custom fields PandaDoc also allows custom fields to be added to your catalog item. The fields consist of “Field Name” and “value”.  Add your custom field and click “Done” to add the field.

Example of an added custom field:

Step 5- Using your Catalog items. Once your Catalog items have been added, you can now use with the Pricing Table content block, when you build a document or a template using the PandaDoc document builder. Below is an example of using a catalog item in the price table block for a template.  You will see the pricing table block has been added.  In the name field, type in the first few letters of the catalog item and you will see it. Click on it to add it to the table. Also, you can use the button “+Add from Catalog” if you want to add more than one catalog item at a time. Click here for more information about the “Pricing Table” Content Block.

Example of added to the table:

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