How can I setup my documents to be auto numbered?

Focus: The focus of this self help is guide to providing an understanding how to use “Automatic numbering” for documents sent through PandaDoc

What is auto-numbering?: Auto numbering is when you have setup your PandaDoc account so every new document you create will be assigned a sequence value and number. Please note: The sequence value and number formatting must be setup inside of your PandaDoc settings. We have a limitation for the of characters a sequence can have, up to 32 characters. with a starting number up to 9 digits.

Use Cases:

  1. You send out Proposals and want to each proposal to have a value name of PROP and unique number.
  2. Let’s say at the beginning of the year, you want all documents to be labeled with 2017.

Availability: The option can be enabled on the Business and Enterprise PandaDoc plans. Please enable it via the Add-ons store, Productivity category.

Template level enablement:  Templates can be setup so all new documents created from the template will be auto numbered.

Step 1: Enable in the Add on store. Go to Add-0ns Store > Productivity > Auto Numbering.

Step 1a: Click on “Add to PandaDoc“ to enable it for your account. If you are on PandaDoc Enterprise, you can also enable it for your other workspaces and future workspaces.

Step 2:  Auto Numbering Setup.  Go to Settings on the lower left > Settings > Auto Numbering. Click on “Add Sequence” to add a new value and number.

Step 3: Configure Auto numbering – Here you will be presented with “Sequence Name” and “Start Number”. Add your unique value for “Sequence Name” and “Starting number”.  Click “Add” when done.  In this example we will use: “Sequence Name = PROP” and “Start number = 1”

Please note: You can have more than one Sequence in your account for all different types of documents. However if you need to edit them you can only change the number value; it cannot be set to a lower value if the sequence and number has already been used for a document.

Step 4: Using your sequence numbers in Templates.   Now, once you have setup your sequences, it’s best to set them up in your “templates”, so your future documents created from this template will include the new sequence and number.   Open a template, go to More > Settings > Template Sequence section and click on the “Gear” icon.

Auto Numbering - Template - More - settings - options

Step 4a: Template options… Here you can choose your Sequence you just created or you can even create a new Sequence here. Be sure to click “Apply” when finished.

Auto Numbering - Template - Setup

Step 4b: Using Auto numbered token to populate the sequence number… Once you have the above configured, you can go to Content > Tokens > and you will see a token called “[Document.SeqNumber]” that you can use to populate at the document level.

Congrats, now your templates are configured.  In the next step, we will discuss how documents are now numbered from this template. Shown below we have created a new document from our example template.

Step 4c:  Example of a template in list view, showing the sequence has been enabled for the template:

Step 5: Sequence numbering at document level.  At the document level, you will see the “title” of the document contain your sequence and number and in the subject line, when sending to your recipients.

Auto Numbering - Document level - title and sending

Step 6: Sequence numbering editing document level.  If you need to change the sequence used on the document. You can also go to More > Settings > Document Sequence to change the Sequence name. You will NOT have the option to change the Number of the document.

Auto Numbering - Document level - editing

Step 7: Reviewing and searching for documents in list view.  Now at any time, you can go to Documents in PandaDoc, click Search and search by your new sequence and number.

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