How can I send a follow up reminder to my clients about a document to be signed?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to how to send a follow-up reminder to a recipient in which you have already sent out a document.

When should I use this feature?: Depending on your business needs, we usually recommend you use this feature after 48 hours, if your client has not reviewed or signed the document. Please note: The reminder feature is only for recipients that you have assigned a “field” to them such as the Signature and Initial fields. This option is not available, if the document is completed.

Step 1:  Send a reminder for a sent document. Click on Documents on the left, then click on the document name. Over on the right, click on the “Recipients” icon, find your recipient and click on the name. Then click on “Send Reminder to….”

Reminder email example:


Payment Reminder If you are using the integration, you can setup Payments as well. If so, you will see a payment reminder as shown below. For more details about using this integration, click here.

Step 2: Reminder notification found in Activity – Actions. When reminders are sent out, a notification will also show up in Activity > Actions to let you know the reminder has been sent.

Documents - Sent -Reminder - In Actions

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