How can I review an audit trail for my PandaDoc documents that I sent?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about PandaDoc “audit trails” for your Sent PandaDoc Documents.

What is an Audit Trail?:  An audit trail can help you keep track of what is happening with the document. This can include the statuses of draft, sent, edits for revision, completed, etc….  Audit Trail will also include the message when you sent the document out to the recipient. If you have setup a template for Workflow approval and used the template for a document, this information would show as well.  Audit trail also includes time and location of the person performing the action.

Step 1:  Audit trail of a sent document.  Open the sent document, go to “Activity”, then “Audit Trail” you will see the list of activities for this document.

Step 2: Using workflow approval.  If you have enabled Workflow approval for a template and then used that  template for a document. You can also review this Is in the audit trail. Example below:

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