How can I manually change the status of my documents?

What is a manual status change? When would I use this?

  1. Documents completed offline:You send a PandaDoc document and your recipient prints it, signs it, scans it and sends it back to you as an email attachment . The deal is closed but the document is stuck in your PandaDoc dashboard as “Sent” or “Viewed.” Manually change the status in order to move the document from “Viewed” to “Completed.”
  2. Payment Completed Offline: Recipient completes a document with a payment field it it but pays outside of PandaDoc. Use the manual status change to move the document status from “Waiting for Payment” to “Paid.”
  3. Immediately Expire Document: You send a PandaDoc document and the recipients don’t sign it. You no longer want the recipients to have access to the document (terms of the deal have expired, etc.) so you want to Expire the document right away.

Availability:   all plans.  

Manual Status change matrix:

Please note, a Draft document can be changed to Paid if it contains a payment block.


Example Below: In the same below, we will be discussing a document that is currently in the
“Sent” Status.

Step 1: Find a document. Go to Documents on the left and find your document.

Change status from listview Using the listview, it is easy to change the status. Use the context menu on the right and click on “Change Status.”

If you don’t find the feature, please ask your Account Owner to enable it in the Add-on store (found in the bottom left of your PandaDoc account).

Step 2: Changes status from inside of the document. Open the document. Then click on “More > Settings > Find Status and use the context menu and click on “Change Status”.

Change the status. Click on “Change Status” and options will be presented to you to change the status manually.

Status From/To: Here you can change the status of the document manually to your desired status, per the “status matrix” above.

Private Notes: Here you can provide “private notes” regarding the manual status change.

Attach a file….You can also attach a file that will be accessible by the Author and the recipients when the manual change is completed. Please note: You can add files that are up to 25 MB in size.

Setup Notifications. Here you can enable notifications for your status change. When this is used, all recipients of the document will receive an email about the status change.

Step 3: Completion of change… Once you have made the change, added notes and an attachment (optional), you can review at anytime the changes by clicking the “See Details” button. This will take you to Activity > Audit Trail, where you can see the changes to the document including the Private notes and attachments.

Example Email notification. If you have setup the manual changes to notify your recipients in Step 2D, below is an example of this email that will be sent to your recipients of the document.

Manually Changed, recipients view.  When the recipient of the document has opened the document, they will see the message about manual status change.

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