How can I embed a template into my website for my viewers to sign?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to use a PandaDoc template and “embed/embedding” the template into a website.

Why use the embed option?:  If you want to capture information from your clients use PandaDoc “Fields” (except Upload field), or have a document for your clients to easily sign.  Create the template in PandaDoc and use it on your website!

Feature availability: Enabled for Enterprise plan by default. This feature is available in our in Add-on Store. Please go to the “Add-on Store” found on the bottom left of your account to locate and enable. Click here to learn  more about the Add-on Store.

Please note: Template embed option is only available when you “Upload” a file for a template. When your client completes the template, they will have the option to download it.

Step 1:  Contact us and make sure this is option is enabled. If you have received confirmation, you can add a new template via “Upload”.

For existing templates you have uploaded, you can find this by going to “templates” on the left, click on the name of the template. Your option for “embed” will be on the right.

Step 2: Setup a Template Role  In order to use fields to capture data, we need to add a Role, in this example, we have added “Role 1”. Please note: You can only have 1 Role and you cannot use “Signing Order” for template embed.

Step 3: Adding fields and assigning to the “Role”. Next, you can add your fields to capture the information. Add your fields and assign it to the “Role” you created in Step 2. Please note: You cannot use the “Upload” field for template embedding.

Step 4: Copying the code and disabling.  Once you clicked on the button, you will see the embed code for this template. Click on “Copy Embed Code” and now you can paste this into your website. If you ever need to disable the embed option for this template, click on the red button “Disable Embedding”.

Here is a screenshot of this template embedded into a website:

Templates - Embed - Example

Once the document has been completed, you will have the option to download the completed file to a PDF version and the completed document will be in your PandaDoc account.

You can see a LIVE example of an embedded PandaDoc.

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