How can I edit a document via PandaDoc the Document Builder after it has been sent?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to edit a PandaDoc document after it has been sent if you use the PandaDoc Document Builder to create the document.

Please note: Editing a Sent document that has the signature or initial fields that have been filled out, this will remove the current signatures or initials. Once a document is sent we seal and encrypt it to ensure the legality of the document allowing no alterations unless you upload a new version. If the new version is uploaded or existing document modified, all parties are notified of that. We also time-stamp each opening of the document by each recipient, which is another reason we don’t allow changing recipient’s email.

Step 1:  Access and edit the document. Over on the left, click on “Documents”, click on the document name you wish to edit. Over on the right, you will see an option for “Edit”

Step 2: Confirm the Edit.  You will need to confirm you wish to edit the document.

Step 3: Making changes. Make any changes to the document that you need to and when you are ready, you can send it out again.

Step 4: After “Editing” Once you are done editing your document, click on “More…” on the Right, then click on “Versions..  You can use to download the new version to PDF, so you always have that. If you had existing signatures on the previously edited copies for this document, you will be able to find those by downloading the PDF file for that version.

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