How can I customize so that my own image is displayed for my PandaDoc profile and in emails to my recipients?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide information and steps in order to add your own company image that will be displayed in your PandaDoc account and will be shown on emails that you send to your recipients through PandaDoc.

Please note: This option is available for the PandaDoc Business, Professional and Enterprise plans.  Picture files should be in PNG or GIF format. Images will be scaled to the size of 200(w) x 50 (h) to have them be the best fit. For best use, upload a “transparent image”. .

Step 1: Uploading your own custom image. Go to Settings > Branding > and you will see Logo.

Step 2: Changing the logo. Click on the “Change logo” text.

Step 3: Adding or selecting a photo to use. You can drag and drop a photo or upload one from your computer, you can also import from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.

Step 4: Use of the image. Once the image has been processed, this image will now show up in locations for your PanadaDoc account and in emails.

A. In your account, at the top-left.

B. In emails sent to your client:

Branding - Email - Picture

C. In your recipients view to view the document:

Branding - Picture - Recipent View

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  3. Choose Submit Help Request option

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