How can I change the person who is sending the document to another team member?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to change the “Send from” when sending a document through PandaDoc.

Feature availability: Enabled for all Business and Enterprise plan by default. This feature is available in our in Add-on Store. Please go to the “Add-on Store” found on the bottom left of your account to locate and enable. Click here to learn  more about the Add-on Store.

Please note: You can only send a document on behalf of users who has access to the document = can_view permissions

Step 1: Configure account to allow Send As notifications to be used. If you will be the person who assigns “Send As”. We want to make sure that person has the Notification option turned on. This is found by going to Settings > Profile > notifications > “Any messages or notifications for documents sent on my behalf” is checked.

Step 2: Prepare any document to Send. Click on the Send button

Step 3: Using the dropdown arrow next  to “From”. Now, you will see the “Send document” message window. Here you can click on the dropdown arrow in the “From” field and change this to a different person within your account. Please note: Your list of team members will be shown by First Name/Last Name.

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