How can I change the design of my PandaDoc documents and templates?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information about the PandaDoc Editor and changing the “design” of documents and templates.

What are the design options for my documents/templates?:  The design options have multiple features, including “Heading Font”, “Text Font”, “Theme Color”, “Background Image” and other PDF Settings. Please note: The design options are available for documents and templates that have been created using the PandaDoc Document Builder. Background images used will not appear on the PDF Version of your document.

Step 1: Create a template. Click on “New Template” on the upper right and then click on “Create a template”.

Step 2: Using the Design options.  Using the right bar, click on “More…” and then click on “design”.

Step 3: Default themes or create your own. Here you will see a list of themes that have been created by the PandaDoc team, or you can click on “Basic”, then “to start creating your own theme, or you can choose from the catalog of themes. Be sure to check them all out.

Step 4-A: Edit themes  Click on the “Edit themes” link to start making changes to the theme.

Note, you can edit themes on templates only, the changes will affect all templates and content library items with this theme applied, but not the documents created out of these templates.

Step 4-B: Heading font options You will see two options for heading font and text font. Heading font refers to the Heading blocks that you have added to your document/template.

Step 4-C: Text font options Text font refers to the text that you have added in Text Blocks, Table Blocks and Pricing Table Blocks.

Step 4-D: Theme color With this option, you can set the color of the theme. This color is represented across hyperlinks, Heading Blocks –H3 Style, Table of Contents, Table Blocks and Pricing Table Blocks.

Step 4-E: Background image and Background type. With these options, you can set the background image of what show up behind the document or template and the type layout for the image.. If you click on the picture icon, this will display a list of images that we have provided by default, or you can click on “Upload Image” to use your own. We recommend a large picture that is “Rectangle in size 1280(w)x1024(h) pixels”, or larger. Higher resolution pictures will look better across all devices. The following image file types are supported PNG, JPG, GIF. Once the image has been uploaded, use “Background Type” and try out the different options so that your image looks good behind the document/template.

When uploading a file, you also have the option to save the background image to your Image Library, which in turn can be used again and again….
Design - Background image - upload - Add to Library

Step 4-E: PDF Settings – Paper size. With this option, we provide two sizes for the PDF version of the document. We recommend that this is set to US Letter.

Step 4-F: Custom CSS and editing styles With this option, you can create your own Custom CSS to help edit your styles of the documents and templates on an advanced level. This can be used to do a number of things, including font colors, margins, etc…

Please note, due to limitations of our PDF renderer, a few CSS codes you apply might not make it onto the PDF of your document.

Step 5: Saving your changes. Once you have completed on making your design changes, you have two options. You can let the changes be saved for this theme, or you can use “Save As A New Theme” and give it name so you always have your saved theme available to your documents and templates.

Step 6: Deleting custom themes  At any time, you can delete any of your custom themes. This can be done by click in on the “red x” on the top right of the custom theme. Please note: This will not affect existing documents which are using theme.

Step 7: Setting Master Theme. In PandaDoc you can also setup the theme you have created to be used automatically for all documents and templates. This is found in Settings > Settings > Default Theme.

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