Build a Template

Creating and sending documents is easier when you’re not starting from scratch. Build reusable templates with PandaDoc to increase productivity and create consistency.

Reusable Content is Quicker
By building a template (or a library of templates) with PandaDoc, you’ll save hours every week creating documents. You can quickly select a template you’ve already created and quickly customize it before sending it out. It’s that simple.

Save Time by Auto-Populating Data
PandaDoc helps you ensure accuracy across all of your templates by auto-populating data. Insert tokens into your templates as placeholders for data such as names, emails, dates, etc. All of that data will auto-populate when you’re ready to send a document. You can even integrate your CRM with PandaDoc to auto-sync all of the same data.

Set Pre-Defined Roles
PandaDoc allows you to set pre-defined roles such as “sender” and “client” in your templates. By setting up these roles ahead of time for often used templates, you’ll save time manually entering relevant contact information.

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