How can I add or change my recipients on a document?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information on how to add and change recipients on your documents.

Please note:  The following guide can be used for all PandaDoc documents. In the examples shown below, this is a document create via upload and we show two examples, “Draft “ and “Sent” documents.

Draft Documents, never been sent: 

Step 1:  Access your Draft documents. Click on “Documents” on the left, find your document and click on the name.

Step 2: Adding recipients Click “Recipients” on the right side and add your recipients to the document.

Step 3: Add recipients to “fields”. Once the recipients have been added, you can now associate recipients to the “Fields”. As shown below, we have added 4 fields. You will notice an assignment label next to each field, letting you know it has been assigned. What are fields?: Document Upload, Document builder.

Step 4: Deleting the recipients Let’s say that before sending, you realized that you need to change the recipients of the document.  Click “Recipients” on the right, find the recipients and delete them. If you have assigned Fields (as shown in Step 3), you will receive a message to confirm the removal.

Documents - Recipients - Deleting with fields

Once deleted, the recipient will be removed and all assigned fields will be unassigned

Please note “email address change”: To change the email address of an existing Contact, go to “Contacts” in your PandaDoc account, find the contact and edit. Once changed, you will still need to delete that contact in your document by clicking on “Recipients.” Add the updated contact to your “Recipients.” You will also need to reassign the fields to the new update contact.

Sent documents, editing:

There are often times, that you need to change the recipients on documents if you have already sent them out of PandaDoc. 

To delete a recipient on the second version of a document (sent document that has been edited), go to Recipients, click on the recipient’s name and click “Delete this recipient”, add a new one.

Be sure to reassign any fields that were assigned the deleted recipient and send out the fresh copy to your recipients.

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